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Eucharistic Miracle of Montserrate - Spain 1657

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 Vatican International Exhibition Eucharistic Miracles of the World. The Eucharistic miracle of Montserrat brings us to reflect on the reality of purgatory and reminds us that every Mass has an infinite value because it makes the unique sacrifice. This Eucharistic prodigy is reported by the Benedictine priest R.P. Francio de Paula Crusellas, in his text,  New History of the Sanctuaryand Monastery of Our Lady of Montserrat. of Christ suffering on Calvary present in our minds.


In 1657, the Most Reverend Father Don Bernardo de Ontevieros, General of the Benedictine order in Spain, and Abbot Don Millán de Mirando, arrived at the Monastery of Our Lady of Montserrat in order to participate in some conferences. During one of the conferences, a woman and her young daughter showed up and the daughter began to beg the Abbot Millán de Mirando to celebrate three Masses in memory of her deceased father, whole-heartedly convinced that with these Masses the soul of her father would be freed from the pains of purgatory. The good abbot, moved to tears by the girl, began to celebrate the first Mass of suffering the next day, and the girl, who was present with her mother, confirmed seeing her father kneeling, surrounded by frightening flames at the step of the main altar during the consecration. The priest and General, dubious, asked the girl to put a tissue close to the flames that surrounded her father in order to verify her story. Following their request, the girl put the tissue into the fire, which only she could see, and the tissue began to burn with a lively flame.

During the second Mass the girl confirmed having seen her father dressed in a vibrantly colored suit standing next to the deacon. At the third Mass, the father appeared to his daughter dressed in a snow-white suit. As soon as the Mass ended the girl exclaimed, “There is my father going away and rising into the sky!” The girl then thanked the community of monks on behalf of her father as he had asked her to do. The Most Reverend General of the Benedictine order in Spain, the Bishop of Astorga, and numerous citizens of the town were present.

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